Rules and FAQs

What is parallel peaks? Where did the name come from? Who are you???

These are all questions that are answered on our about page.

I’d like to join the exchange/help out with matching/help out with the coding side of it!

That’s great!!

Link to participate in the latest album exchange:

Link to sign up as a matching volunteer:

Link to sign up as a computer science volunteer:

What are the rules?

  1. Write to the person you’ve been assigned and briefly introduce yourself.
  2. Explain why you’ve chosen the album you’ve chosen – what it means to you, why you love it, funny stories or heartfelt memories associated with it etc. etc. Doesn’t have to be poetry so don’t stress (although it can be), “it bangs lol” or “I listen to this while doing work” will suffice – just write as much as you can!
  3. Once you’ve introduced yourself and made a case for the album you’ve recommended, read what the other person has written and then listen to the album they’ve recommended at least two or three times over the next 7 days.
  4. Write back to each other after a week to say what you thought!
  5. After the album exchange is over, there may be the opportunity to be connected with larger groups of people who share your music taste, or “rematches” for those who got no reply from their matches – however, this will not always be the case.

What if I’ve already heard the album I’m matched with?

Only a small number of people doing the exchange end up with albums they’ve already heard, as I try really hard to make sure that I match people with albums they won’t have heard before. I’m also working on ways to hopefully eliminate matches like that entirely. If you do end up receiving a recommendation you’ve heard before, try and listen to the album again with fresh ears and you might be surprised by how your opinion’s changed!

What if my match is an awful person?

Parallel peaks is strictly opposed to sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or just generally being a dick, and if your match fits any of those criteria let us know ❤

What happens if I get ghosted?

Very few people get ghosted as it tends to be that most people who sign up to the exchange are genuinely interested in talking to people about music. If you do get ghosted, let us know at the end of the exchange and I’ll put you down for a rematch if you want one!

Does the album I recommend have to be available online?

All the albums recommended should be accessible on either streaming services or YouTube, in order to make it easy for each match to listen to their recommendations.

Can I suggest an album I’ve made?

If you suggest an album that you yourself have created, you must explicitly tell us, and you will be matched with other musicians who are recommending their own albums. If you don’t tell us and I figure out that you’re suggesting your own album, you’ll be kicked out of the exchange for self-promotion.

Can I share playlists?

Not for now, no.

Can I share EPs or mixtapes?

Yes, that’s absolutely fine.

Can I specify what kind of person I’d like to meet on the exchange?

Not yet, but maybe in the future!

What about a completely random match?

If I can find a way to make it work in the future a completely random match would be really cool (and also take out a lot of the work on my end lol). However, my only worry is that having a completely separate matching pool for people who want to be matched randomly would remove a lot of the wildcards from the matching pool, which would make the matches for people who don’t want a random album a bit worse.

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